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Myra Sue’s Views

Here is a list of many of my political and religious views, as well as ideas:  

  • I believe in having federally funded shelters respectful of people with various religious backgrounds including the non-religious, plus open to active drug users and transgender. Basically, I believe in the homeless having access to shelters that are barrier-free.
  • I believe in tent cities being legal nationwide with bathroom facilities for sanitary purposes, cooking facilities, and clean drinking water. Ideally, we’d be able to house everyone, but there will always be people that get kicked out of a place and have a hard time getting into a place. There are also people who can’t stay at shelters due to mental health issues, crowded facilities, and other reasons that need a place to dwell, with access to services and public transportation. We also need federally funded warming and cooling centers for extreme weather.
  • I believe in having federal and state funding to subsidize bus passes for people in poverty so that people can more easily access services such as shelters and mental health services, plus so that people in poverty can go to the grocery store, plus get to work, employment services, child-care centers, and job interviews.
  • I’m against fracking and favor alternatives to the use of oil to drive our cars and industries.
  • I believe in increased funding for solar and wind energy to help with the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, so we’re not relying too much on energy from dams and natural gas, which cause problems with the environment. I’m against nuclear energy as it’s toxic and unsafe.
  • I believe in increased federal, state, and local funding to support public transportation. We need to be encouraging more people to ride the bus as an alternative to driving and need to have enough room on the buses to accommodate a growing number of people taking the bus to work and shopping. Some bus routes in many cities need buses that will accommodate a lot of bicycles, so that more people can bike and ride to work and elsewhere.
  • I believe in social programs and environmentally friendly programs funded by taxing the wealthy and corporations. Actually, I’m against extreme wealth as it is built on the exploitation of others and the world’s precious resources. I favor a socialist model in which everyone has an essential income and housing and in which we don’t have billionaires.
  • We need better protection against the exploitation of all workers, including limitations on how much productivity is expected of workers as well as a consistent increase in minimum wage each year. Productivity standards should be based on what’s reasonable and customary, with an emphasis on worker and product safety and the conservation of the earth’s resources.
  • I believe in spending lots less on our military budget and lots more on social programs benefiting the poor.
  • The United States and other nations should offer a place of refuge to migrants fleeing poverty, the effects of global climate change, war, and problems with drugs and gangs.
  • We need to change U.S foreign policy in South and Central America as well as Mexico so that people will not have so much violence and poverty to flee in the first place.
  • I’m against war with other countries but am for a revolution by the poor against the rich & powerful.
  • I’m against religious supremacy, including Christian supremacy and Muslim supremacy.
  • I believe in federally funded free public college for all, as well as debt forgiveness for student loans.
  • I am for universal healthcare funded by taxes. 
  • I’m for freedom from religion and separation of the church and the state.
  • The United State’s National Coming Out Day should be federally recognized. Schools, the postal service, banks, and other U.S. American institutions should be closed on this day.
  • I believe in questioning authority, including that of gods, kings, presidents, and other leaders and deities. We must hold them accountable by speaking out against them. This includes the Biblical god.
  • We should have religion-free drug treatment model in addition to the AA model which has people channeling a “higher power”. I believe those with power over us are often prone to corruption & abuse of power, including various deities.
  • We should legalize & regulate all drugs and move a lot of our funding from prisons to treatment centers, in addition to using additional funding for treatment centers. We need inpatient treatment centers free of waiting lists. I believe in replacing the AA treatment model with a model that doesn’t ask people to believe in or glorify a higher power. Make treatment centers accountable (so they aren’t just selling drugs to patients but are actually weaning people off drugs). For a period of time, I was for the decriminalization of drugs, but due to issues with drug safety linked to lacing drugs with Fentanyl, I feel drugs need to be regulated for product safety.
  • We should have consumer limits for individuals and corporations; we need to ration our global resources, including energy.
  • We need an economy based especially on resale, recycling, reusing items, up-cycling, reduction of goods produced and consumed with a focus on quality, repairing stuff, solar power, wind power, working from home, selling bicycles & bicycle parts, and more.
  • We should stop using U.S. funds for war & military weapons, and instead spend it on green jobs and a green industry, plus education and social programs.
  • We need to keep our gun rights, including the right to have assault style weapons. Assault style weapons are needed for a revolution by the poor against the rich & powerful.
  • Prisoners deserve voting rights.
  • We should decriminalize all sex work, including prostitution, for people age 18 and older so sex workers will feel comfortable and safe reporting abuse and harassment. Non-consentual sex-trafficking needs to be criminalized & the targets of these crimes need help gaining safety & well-being. People being trafficked should not be arrested. We should not jail anyone under the age of 18 but rather place them in safe places where they are free from sexual slavery, plus treat their addictions if they have any. Sex workers should be a protected class that’s free from discrimination for people selling sex legally.
  • We should have rent controls nationwide.
  • We need food stamps for all poor people, including people not working and people in school.
  • We should have public spaces where our homeless population and others can do activities, volunteer (not a requirement), and use provided computers and phones for job-hunting, keeping a journal, blog writing and recreation (not for watching porn). The public spaces should provide free showers, hygiene supplies, as well as a meal site that is accessible to people with allergies and vegan/vegetarian/Kosher diets. It should also provide a place for individuals to lock up their belongings while engaging in activies such as going job-hunting, receiving counseling, going to doctor’s appointments, running errands, and grocery shopping.
  • We should have public spaces where ex-convicts, who struggle to find jobs and earn income, can make and sell art and crafts made from scrap materials from junk yards and left-over paint from a nearby incinerator.
  • We should transform our prisons into healthy centers for healing rather than being places with harsh punishment. Harsh punishment is ineffective at changing lives for the better.
  • We need public service announcements that encourage driving less, using public transportation, and eating less meat for the sake of our environment.
  • We need government funding for eco-friendly industries – to help them get started and to keep them going.
  • We should have low-income housing for all poor people, not just poor disabled people
  • We should have federally funded soup kitchens that serve mostly vegetarian items (like organic lentils & rice as a staple food), that are welcoming to people of all religious backgrounds including atheists, plus welcoming to the transgender population and active drug users. Basically, the soup kitchens should be barrier-free.
  • LGBTQ rights should be recognized in our laws and our constitution.
  • Atheists, non-theists, and anti-theists should be free from discrimination, abuse, and harassment.
  • We need to fight against right-wing domestic terrorism.
  • We need public service announcements encouraging the philosophy of repair, reduce, recycle, and reuse.
  • We need Federal, state, and city funding for recycling. We need to have a good system for taking in and using all recyclable materials that don’t leave it up to the free market.
  • We should have free college and college debt relief.
  • We need public service announcements encouraging safe sex.
  • We need public service announcements encouraging safe driving (like not driving under the influence and against distracted driving).
  • We should have vending machines distributing free condoms and free needles funded by federal, state, and city governments. We should have free condoms and dental dams available in our schools (for 4th grade – high school and college students).
  • We should have inpatient treatment centers for sex offenders, rather than putting sex offenders in detention facilities. Detention facilities are failing at rehabilitating sex offenders. Sex offenders should be labeled as having a potentially treatable psychiatric disorder.
  • We should allow polygamy for people age 18 and older. Also, polygamous and polyamorous should be a protected class.
  • The United States should end its involvement in wars abroad. We should utilize our military to research & implement policies that will help with the dire threats of climate change & resource depletion.
  • We should have rights for Native American’s including adequate land plus offering reparations to the indigenous population.
  • We should offer reparations for people of African heritage.
  • We should protect our drinking water from increasing privatization.
  • The United States and other nations should allow people to grow food on their front lawns.
  • We need public service announcements encouraging people to use less water, have less grass on their lawns and to grow food on their lawns. Also, we need PSAs encouraging xeriscaping.
  • The United States should stop observing July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Columbus Day due to our history of colonization and our past policy of “Manifest Destiny” that negatively impacted American Indians and African Americans.
  • We need consumer limits for people and corporations. We have limited resources, and we must ration them.
  • We need to have tight market regulation and media regulation.
  • We need to regulate pharmaceutical prices so that medication is affordable. Actually, our medications should be free.
  • We need to maintain a free, accessible internet.
  • I’m for animal rights.
  • I believe the Biblical God is an authoritarian dictator guilty of genocide plus cruel and unusual punishment to others. This is especially true in the Old Testament.
  • I actually don’t really believe in God or Satan or Heaven or Hell or God’s Kingdom. I believe that is all nonsense. I believe in evolution.

This list is a work in progress. I’m still working on updating this for typos, and will be adding a few more bullet points in the future. Sorry if some items are redundant. I will be fixing those as well. I also plan to eventually post an autobiography on my blog page or in a book.

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