The Privacy Invasion Collection

Update: Corn Gods / When Spy-op Began

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin


Update: The alleged spy operation started between 8/10/20 and 8/19/20; possibly sooner. I just called the hospital today (June 16, 2020) to check on my admission date, remembering that it was sometime in August of 2020. The medical records department said it was August 19, 2020, which would have been nine days after 8/10/20 (the date when I messaged my ex-boyfriend’s friend who studied film production with an idea for a film about space alien GMO corn Gods colonizing the planet).

On 8/19/20 I checked myself into the hospital overnight. One of my alleged spies told me there was poison in my tobacco, that I had 5 days to live, and that I needed to go to the hospital. I realized when I was in the E.R. room that they wouldn’t be able to check me for all possible poisons. I later suspected that the alleged spy must have been pulling my leg, to get me to check myself in at the hospital, and to make me appear to be schizophrenic. When I arrived back home, I thought some of my spies had raided my apartment and taken photos and copied some documents.

It was after 8/10/15 that the alleged spy operation started, because I had emailed a friend about wanting someone to produce a film about some GMO alien corn gods that were colonizing our planet (a story I made up). I just found that message in my Messenger account today. It was also around the time that my great nephew Parker was born. My mother had called me and said that my nephew Marcus and his wife had a baby and said I should call them. I didn’t call them because I was really freaked out by the belief that my privacy was being invaded at the time.

Below is the message I wrote to my X-boyfriend’s friend, Tim Mattson (who works with an acting group in New York and produces skits & ads). The grammar and spelling are poor because I was writing fast, was on drugs (I think), and also my smart-phone was auto-correcting. I was going through a period of heightened creativity at the time and feeling very ambitious!

I never told Tim the whole story about the Alien GMO corn gods. I never wrote the whole story down. However, I just remembered that in the story the aliens were not only colonizing the planet, but they were also colonizing our bodies and brains with genetic material from the GMO corn products we were eating. They could then take over control of our brains and our bodies.

“Hey I have a movie idea and was wondering if you would like to produce it

Go [So] Monsanto corn alien gods have invaded the earth and have sent billions of space alien eggs to colonize our planet…

More to come
I need your phone number btw and mine is 509 838 7443. The plan is to use as much DIY as possible in making like from scriptures tec. Paper mache r dig costume design. Free paint form incinerator. Gotta couple of people that know how to work with scrap metals. And a theatre friend knows set design and costume design and got other ideas including who I want to write the male dialogue but need full staff to help put this all together.

I can only be creator so we would need male and female copywriters and staff people of all kinds

Message me your phone number but also call and leave is your phone number on my answering machine because my friend will be taking away my I access to Facebook and I don’t have caller ID or voicemail. Just old fashioned phone with answering machine. And I screen phone calls. Please leav area code with phone number thank you”

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