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Moderates Will Kill Us All

by Sean P. McKelvey

I am so damn sick and tired of the supposed “opposition,” party in my country; telling me that centrism and moderacy will win, and root out the social and political evils, happening today. There is quite literally no logical, intellectual, or historical basis to support this, flawed, disingenuous and outdated philosophy. We all remember when those incredibly moderate, political activists, effected real change; in regards to race, class, gender, sexuality or belief system, right? Yeah, that was quite literally; never in our collective, or any other society’s, for that matter, entire god damned history.

Political radicals brought you Civil Rights, Gay Rights, an end to slavery, workers rights, women’s rights, religious freedom, representative democracy instead of monarchy, ended European fascism (the French Resistance, Spanish Revolution, an end to German and Italian fascism, the New Deal, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Federal Housing Programs and low interest loans, Roe v Wade, an end to Segregation here and Apartheid in South Africa, the abolition of slavery, the decriminalization/legalization of marijuana, equal employment opportunity, equal lending and housing legislation, child labor laws, gay marriage equality, trans rights, federally protected public lands, food and drug safety legislation, non-nuclear aggression pacts, and far too many incredibly beneficial to humanity at large, programs and laws to list.) Moderates, historically speaking; would’ve allowed the proliferation of fascism to continue at its most crucial historic moment; would have allowed segregation to continue on, would have crushed women’s, gay and minority rights, would have allowed fascism and imperialism to spread like incurable cancers, would have, quite literally handed the entire fucking world over to Adolph Hitler, would have (if given the opportunity,) ensured that minorities, women, gays, and anyone belonging to a “problematic,” group, were categorically; not only denied their god given rights; but also used as an example to any and everyone else that recognized these “attitudes and beliefs,” as problematic, exclusive, hypocritical, disingenuous lies, the ruling class repeat over and over to convince us we are wrong.

I say, absofuckinglutely not! It is high time, we the damn people, stand up and flat out fucking refuse to let “them,” tell us a damn thing. As evidenced by over two decades of failed, do nothing, bullshit “policy,” that merely toes the corporatist line that couldn’t be more overtly against the average working American, their system does not, will not, and is designed not only not to work for you or me; it exists to work against us.

In conclusion; if you are still even capable of riding the fence or going with a “safe and moderate,” choice: you are not part of the cure, but part of the rotten, cancerous, ugly, appalling, offensive and completely morally bankrupt, disease…

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Thank you, this is a perspective I have come to share. The notion of incremental change is appealing to people who really don't wish things to change at all, and what the Democratic party is usually selling is talk of change with no intention of actually DOING much of anything. They are often forgiven for it due to the intense opposition they face…opposition which they also privately fund and support whenever it comes to the maintenance of the security state and the preservation of US hegemony.

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