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Have You Ever Been Evicted?

By Dave Bilsland

Have you ever been evicted? No? You are missing out! Imagine someone telling you that you must move in the next three weeks. Wait! You only have 20 days; one day less than three weeks. Not quite three weekly paychecks! Or maybe you have to wait until the 3rd of the month for your $800 check to come in. That’s in 23 days because you got your notice out of blue on the 10th and there are 31 days in October. That means 24 days to payday. The landlord says you have been late with rent four times, but you have always paid the rent by the 5th and they never complained before. Why did they change this? 

Nothing changed and now your whole life is being turned upside down and you just don’t know why you have to move. You are told that if you don’t move out in 20 days, you will be evicted! Your stuff, your belongings, your LIFE will be put on the sidewalk where anyone can grab it and any critter can dig through and ruin what is left of your life. You have lived there three, or five, or maybe even ten years and your landlord thinks you can just pick up your whole life and move it somewhere else in less than three weeks.

Who will help? You are disabled; that’s why you get a check on the 3rd. Why is your rent suddenly late on the 3rd? What did you do wrong? How can you fix it? You called the landlord, but they won’t answer the phone. You want/NEED to work something out cuz you can’t find another place to move to. There are no places to rent where your disability will fit. If you can’t find a place by the 30th, you will have to live on the streets – with your disability – without your stuff, your belongings, your life! The landlord is not negotiating, at all. Your comfortable, orderly life as you have known it will become chaos; freezing and dangerous. Your life will be hell! Why? Why is the landlord doing this? It makes no sense! They have gotten thousands of dollars from you over these last several years, doesn’t that mean something? 

You have been a good tenant, quiet – haven’t made one complaint – but, they are telling you that you have to move. Why, why are they turning your life upside down? What gives them the right to make a human being homeless? What gives them the moral authority to ruin a person’s life? Why?

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