The Privacy Invasion Collection

“Is She Conspiracy Minded”?

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I may have misunderstood my sister’s voice during the alleged spy operation (in my apartment) when I heard her voice ask “Is she (me) conspiracy minded”? What I thought she was wondering was if I believe in conspiracy theories. Well, while many conspiracy theories are absurd, or some versions of a theory are absurd, there are times when people really do actually conspire, and some conspiracy theories warrant consideration. So when I heard my sister’s voice say that, I replied that “yes, sometimes people conspire”. Now what my sister may have ACTUALLY meant, was if I was involved in a drug conspiracy. I wasn’t, but my alleged spies seemed aware that I had been using drugs prior to their spy operation, and may have believed that I was indeed conspiring or had conspired to commit a drug trafficking crime. Meanwhile, I believed that THEY were conspiring against me – to get me put in prison or the psych ward, chase me off from the apartment building, or get me kicked out of that apartment building.

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