The Privacy Invasion Collection

Surveillance of the Masses

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin:

I just want someone to come forward and admit to spying on me! Maybe this guy that I heard during the spy operation against me who said he committed a “fuck-up-trois” (pronounced fuck-up-twa). I mean, I really thought he believed in the privacy rights of all U.S. Americans! He posted on Facebook regularly opposing our nation’s increasing surveillance of the masses. Maybe he even cared about all the citizens/residents of the world. Or supposedly cared… And yet he justified violating MY 4th amendment rights granted to me in the U.S. constitution. Perhaps if he comes forward, history will be “kind” to him. As for me, I’ll proudly go down on the “left side of history!” and I will never give up on trying to bring my former spies to justice!

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