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Leftists Under African Leadership

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I don’t understand why many from USM (Uhuru Solidarity Movement) find it harder to recruit people identifying as “leftist” to their movement, which is to take a revolutionary stance against colonialism and capitalism, and for white people to work under the leadership of African leadership to demand reparations for the African community (currently being used for economic independence projects of The Black Power Blueprint). I know that some U.S. liberals are referred to as leftists, such as Bernie Sanders and AOC – who focus on reform projects such as increasing minimum wage and the Green New Deal – but leftists and especially leftists – include anarchists and socialists who are against colonialism, neocolonialism, racism, capitalism, environmental degradation, state violence, occupation of indigenous lands such as the Americas and Palestine, and imperialist wars. I know that some anarchists are into the idea of “no leadership” and thus no hierarchy, but I don’t understand why a lot of leftist socialists and leftist communists would be opposed to the idea of working under African leadership to eradicate the oppression of all people – especially that of indigenous peoples and Africans – who have been robbed of their labor and land.

I personally identify as a leftist and have joined USM. I still have lots to learn about the organization, but I find it perfectly logical for leftists to unite under African leadership – which, by the way, also fights for the rights of the world’s indigenous including the Indians of the Americas. I personally do support some reforms though, such as defunding the military and police, and decriminalizing drugs. And many in the USM believe that reforms just make it easier for people to accept western (and especially U.S.) imperialism. I will have to give that some serious thought, because I think it’s possible some reforms might actually empower liberals like Sanders and AOC and leftists to push for further reforms. Apparently though, Sanders and AOC still represent the establishment. And defunding the police is yet just another reform.

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Comment by Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin:

I’m rethinking reform measures like “defunding the police”. Reform of the police can be considered akin to the idea of “reforming” slavery as opposed to the complete abolition of it that the slave abolitionists were fighting for. To accept the reformation of our police, our military, and exploitative capitalism is to allow for a accept it’s continuation. We must overthrow the whole system. It’s just like doing surgery on a cancerous tumor – gut it out completely and if there’s anything left of it, chemically radiate it. Not the earth though – don’t radiate the earth literally, like white man has been doing – rather, radiate it figuratively. through revolution and reparations!

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