The Privacy Invasion Collection

Possible Gaslighting

By Myra St. Clair Baldwin

That now makes 4 nonschizophrenic friends who know me well that believe it’s possible there was a real spy operation. A few of my alleged spies were white & wealthy, and I don’t know if they’ll ever have to do one single day in jail for what they put me through.

I wouldn’t put it past my exhusband and his family at all to do that to me. Years ago, when I lived with a roommate, my son and her son were at home (she was at work), and I opened the door to my exhusband. He pushed me aside and started looking through the cupboards to see if I had any weed (this is when it was illegal). He thought I must be smoking weed since I had become a college radical. I could have and should have called the cops on him. I didn’t and instead set a dangerous precedent that it was okay to violate my constitutionally guaranteed privacy rights.

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