The Privacy Invasion Collection


By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

For a while, I was numbing the pain
By staying busy with groups, the Evergreen Club, and SLP activities.
And I needed to do that.
What I’d been through was so profoundly painful.
I didn’t share my whole story with my counselor or in groups.
But now I’m working on writing my book.
It’s not going to be easy.
Writing my book will be painful.
Sharing my story with the public will be scary.
I don’t know how the public will react.
I will probably gain a few fans, but have a lot of enemies.
I don’t know if I will win my case in court.
That’s up to the jurors, and I don’t know how kind they’ll be towards my cause.
I will need to rally lots of support.
I will need for a lawyer to be doing the majority of the media interviews, because it will be hard, really hard for me to do that.
I get that some people were feeling hurt and angry, and that’s why they lashed out at me, but that doesn’t justify what they put me through.
It was not okay.
This could happen to somebody else, and it shouldn’t.
Therefore I will proceed with this matter.
It will get easier with time.
I might attract the attention of the KKK. They might physically torture me and martyr me.
I must be VERY brave!
The book might take a while to write, because the subject matter is so deeply painful.
Yet, there may be a statute of limitations that I have to consider.
So proceed I must.

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