The Privacy Invasion Collection

My Book Won’t be a Tell-all (Unless I Change my Mind)

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I edited some of my blog articles on privacy invasion as well as my bio to indicate that the spy operation may have been real or imagined. It was a great pleasure to re-read  my essay “A Carrie Brownstein Wannabe Tries on Different Hats” as it was well written, quirky, and detail-packed.

Whether or not people believe there was a real spy operation, they should find my autobiography intriguing, when I’m done with it. I don’t think it will be a tell-all after all, because I was too traumatized by something to include it in my book and besides, I don’t want the media to get ahold of this tidbit of information on me. Just thinking about the potential for publicity (some of it negative) has put me in a state of severe anxiety, plus has caused me to relive the trauma I experienced. Though, even writing about the spy operation even without that piece of information will still be hard to do. Sorry to disappoint for not letting the cat totally out of the bag, but the media would possibly, totally PULVERIZE me for this secret. Hahaha! I will NEVER tell!

I just LOVE flirting dangerously with the press! But I will NEVER give away the ending!

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