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The Shootings Targeting Asian Female Sex Workers:

By Myra St. Clair Baldwin

Motivated by race, gender, a fixation on sex workers, and perhaps by a fixation on so-called “Communist China.”
I read some time ago that white supremacists were planning to start targeting sex workers. This was before the pandemic, when right wingers & right wing media personalities were blaming the virus on China. Add that to the fact that Epoch Times did a mass marketing campaign for awhile about their paper and the “threat” of “Communist China” and white supremacists also tend to hate communists and socialists. Keep in mind Joe Biden is also a right-wing nutjob spreading disinformation & misinformed of China, as well as much of the so-called liberal media. Anyway…so there was a lot of fuel on the fire already when this hate-filled white supremacist murderer shot eight people focusing especially on Asian female sex workers.

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