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Are ALL rapists sadistic?

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I don’t plan on kink-shaming in this article as BDSM can be fine between 2 consenting paired adults, so long as the agreement as followed and so long as there’s no major injuries such as limbs being broken, hands being cut off, and eyes being poked out. I don’t know if anyone has ever consented to major injuries anyway.

However, I did read in the Merck manual of mental disorders that less than 10% of rapists are sadistic. I would argue though that ALL rapists are NONCONSENTUALY sadistic. The reasons cited for rape is the desire to be powerful, and I would argue here that ALL rapists get off on the idea of causing PSYCHOLOGICAL pain to the victim, perhaps even excited at the idea that their emotionally traumatizing someone for life. While this isn’t physical torture per say (aside from the violence of the rape) it is definitely psychological torture.

The research hasn’t been done on this, though, so I can only speculate. This would, however, make for a good area of research, so if you know a psychologist who is interested in the psychology of rape, you may want to suggest this to them.

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