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Make Violence Against Sex Workers a Hate Crime

By Myra St. Clair Baldwin

We need legislation at the local, state, and national level that would make violence against sex workers and perceived sex workers a hate crime.

I believe my 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights were violated and that I was subject to psychological torture (a form of assault) due not only to some drug use, but due to suspected prostitution as well. I believe what happened to me was a hate crime, and the murder of the Asian female sex workers was not only a hate crime against Asians and women, but a hate crime against sex workers as well. I am working on a report which I will be releasing soon and am hoping to be interviewed by the media so that I can talk about my own experience and urge action, as well as gain support from agencies that are working for the rights of sex workers.

I urge you to please contact your representatives at the city, state, and national level, urging them to work on legislation in this matter.

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