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The Deep End Northwest

Going Down on the “Left” Side of History (which is actually the RIGHT side of history)!

About Us: The Deep End Northwest… is a multimedia blog covering life, politics, and social issues such as disease & COVID-19, leftist theory & politics, anti-theism, Satanism, & religious supremacy, the so-called war on drugs, decriminalization of drugs & prohibition, mental illness & privacy issues, responsible gun ownership & gun rights, war & peace, LGBT+ issues, climate change & the environment, hunger, homelessness, poverty, drug addiction, privacy rights, big business, art, racism, and more from a leftist perspective.

COVID-19 Notice: Store Closure

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, we are putting the sale of nonessential product on hold, as delivery personnel may be carriers, and the virus can linger on packaging. If you’d like to support The Deep End Northwest (independent leftist media) please consider making a donation. Thank you for understanding.

  • Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin: Administrator, Editor, Reporter, Writer, Speaker, plus a Wannabe Actress, Anthropologist, & Rock Star
  • Orion Moon: Administrator, Editor, Reporter, & Illustrator
  • Sean P. McKelvey: Administrator, Reporter, & Writer

Our Team Members:

Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin, outside of Boo Radley’s in downtown Spokane Washington.

Photo by Orion Moon

From left to right: Orion Moon and Sean McKelvey at a business meeting for the Deep End Northwest.
Photo by Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

Abolition-of-Church & Abolition-of-Wealth Services

What We Do

We speak out. Here is Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin, of The Deep End Northwest, giving a speech about a real or imagined spy operation.

We have started recording a series of video & audio podcasts titled the “Learn to Swim Show” sharing our opinions on religion, politics, arts & culture.
We also have started a “Drunkcast Show”, in which discuss our opinions while intoxicated.

We are conducting interviews. Featured here is Orion Moon (right) of The Deep End Northwest interviewing Dave Bilsland (left), a homelessness activist in Spokane Washington.

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If we don’t have a 5-star rating, that is because we piss off some righter-wingers and moderates as well as some so-called liberals!

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