The Privacy Invasion Stunt Collection

When I first started talking about my experience of privacy invasion, I wasn’t being open about my former drug use and other important information that I wasn’t yet comfortable talking about. Because I wasn’t open about some things, I received a diagnosis of schizophrenia. I didn’t believe it, but I grew to prefer the idea of believing that I had had a schizophrenic episode as that was emotionally easier than believing that neighbors and some family members put me through privacy invasion and psychological torture. I continued to reflect on my memories however, and later resumed my belief that there was a legitimate privacy invasion. I have compiled circumstantial evidence and will be publishing a report shortly which I will make public. Trust me when I say that some people had their reasons for spying on me. It doesn’t make what they did okay, it just makes it believable.

Here is a collection of blog posts I wrote, in which some I spoke as someone who believed I was in fact schizophrenic, and then some in which I gradually open up about the circumstances preceding the event, showing how I believe my diagnosis to be a misdiagnosis.

I’ll leave it up to each reader to make up his or her own mind on the matter.

Earlier Posts (In Chronological Order by Post Date):

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