The Privacy Invasion Collection

Mental Health Consumer Educators @ E.W.U.

In this video, I explain what all consumer educators for Eastern Washington University’s Occupational Therapy Program do to help educate their students and destigmatize mental illness for their students.

Myra St. Clair Baldwin, Consumer Educator for E.W.U.


Hi everyone, my name is Myra St. Clair Baldwin and I’m a Consumer Educator for Eastern Washington University’s Occupational Therapy Program.

The E.W.U. Occupational Therapy program put together a panel and Q&A session as part of an eight-session program in which eight people in recovery from mental illness, including myself, will be working with students in the program.

When I arrived at the orientation classroom, the instructor’s assistant gave us some paperwork to fill out and sign, which I completed. Then we learned more about what we’d be doing. The sessions last about two to three hours each. The next two sessions after the panel discussion, three students who I’ll be working with the rest of the quarter will be practicing doing an assessment on me, which should be interesting. So long as I don’t have brain fog from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then I believe I’ll ace any cognitive tests they give me. I’ll let you know later how I did. The panel discussion and Q&A itself was in front of an audience of about 30 or 40 students. The two sessions following the assessments are in the Spokane community, at the locations of our choosing. I plan to show the students I’m working with the Huntington Park, down by the Spokane River, behind the city hall for one session. For another session, I plan to show them a subsect of downtown, starting with the apartment building above Boo Radley’s novelty shop and Atticus Coffeehouse, where I thought I was spied on. I will also be showing them the bus plaza and the construction for the new downtown library, letting them know what amazing features the new library is going to have, which will include a video recording studio, a music recording studio, and a broadcasting studio, all of which will be available to be checked out by the public. I may get to do this job again in future years and might book a tour with the students of the new downtown library after it reopens, as that would be exciting! There’s a couple more sessions after that, including a session about completing a discharge plan and ending with a presentation the students give that we’re invited to. I plan to wear my t-shirt for mine & my partners’ blog “The Deep End Northwest” to one of the assessments as well as to the student presentations, in the hopes that the students will decide to take a peek at our blog out of curiosity.

After the orientation, we were escorted to the classroom where the students were. It was a small classroom, but the class was jam-packed. There wasn’t one empty desk. I went first, so I could get it done and over with, as I was anxious. This ended up being a good idea, because it freed me to listen more intently to the other panelists, whose stories were powerful. Although I knew most of them, I wasn’t familiar with their stories. Even though I was nervous, I think I did all right. Not perfect, but I don’t have a lot of experience yet on stage, so my talk wasn’t bad, considering. I ended up having to catch my breath a few times during the speech, but I wasn’t as anxious as I had expected.

After we each spoke, there was a Q&A. I managed to make the students laugh a couple of times, which reminded me that I sometimes have a sense of humor, which is what helped me survive the alleged privacy invasion that I endured. After the questions, the instructor said we were free to do a meet & greet with the students, but I was dying to go pee, and blurted out “I…I gotta take a leak!” That made the students laugh. There’s a backstory to why I now say “I gotta take a leak” rather than “I need to use the bathroom” or “I gotta go pee.” I’ll save that story for another day.

It’s really cutting edge what the instructor is doing, having some of us in mental health recovery work with the students. It helps humanize mental illness for the students. It’s an invaluable and cost-effective way for the students to “get it.” We each get paid $300 for the full contract. It was the instructor’s idea back in 2007, and there’s only a few universities now doing it. She’s presented at conferences and tried to sell others on how cost-effective it is and how it helps destigmatize mental illness for the students but hasn’t gotten a lot of buy-in yet. Perhaps in time, more universities will implement similar programs.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

E.W.U. Speech for Occupational Therapy Students

Featuring Myra St. Clair Baldwin, Consumer Educator for E.W.U.


A couple of weeks ago, I gave the following speech to a classroom of Occupational Therapy students at Eastern Washington University, to whom my mental health history and medications were relevant. I will be working with three of the students for the remainder of the quarter as a consumer educator. Since I gave the speech, I’ve decided to wait until spring to participate in the writing group mentioned.

May I present…the one, the only…Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin (that’s me)!

Hello everyone! My name is Myra St. Clair Baldwin. I have a bachelor’s degree in Humanities from E.W.U., am a former AmeriCorps Vista project coordinator for SCC, write for a blog, attend the Evergreen Club, and have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, PTSD, ADD, anxiety, plus chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia and/or somatoform disorder and have chronic insomnia. In the past I had a problem with depression that manifested as sadness and later as anger. I still have issues with anger sometimes from the PTSD, but most people wouldn’t know it, unless they see my Facebook posts in which I lash out at some family members who I believe out of ignorance spied on me and subjected me to psychological torture for suspected drug use (and indeed I had been taking drugs for a few months), as well as suspected malingering. The real or imagined spy operation eventually led to my diagnosis of schizophrenia, which may be a misdiagnosis. I believe family, former neighbors who wanted me out the apartment complex for being a so-called “nuisance neighbor”, apartment management, the maintenance guy, and some family members of my controlling ex-husband were all involved in the alleged spy operation. I actually have a blog named “The Deep End Northwest” which includes a page with posts about the spy operation or schizophrenic episode, named “The Privacy Invasion Collection”, in addition to some pages discussing some leftist-leaning socio-political issues and mass consumerism.

I take Neurontin for Fibromyalgia and anxiety, Prozac for Fibromyalgia and depression, Risperidone to help with hypomania (which I started taking due to the Schizophrenia diagnosis and continue to take for hypomania), Amitriptyline to help prevent migraines, Xanax to help me sleep, Montelukast for hay fever, Flonase & Cetirizine to help with allergies, as well as Thera Tears and some kind of eye drops. Occasionally I take Sumatriptan for migraines.

I am currently attending the Evergreen Club through Frontier Behavioral Health in which I do unit work in the business unit such as working on some of the PowerPoint presentations, Facebook posts, and phones, plus I am involved in committee work. Additionally, I attend social activities with the Supportive Living Program (which I prefer to the social activities at the Evergreen Club) and am receiving counseling through Frontier Behavioral Health, in which we’re going to be focusing on systematic desensitization to prepare me for public speaking, engaging with the greater community, and pursuing a lengthy court battle with the potential for negative publicity as I intend to pursue litigation against my alleged spies. Although I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a couple of counselors at Frontier Behavioral Health and a few friends believe it’s possible I really WAS spied on. I’m extremely terrified of suffering under the stress of a lengthy court battle as well as the stress of any negative publicity I might receive. I also plan to start attending a couple of groups at Frontier Behavioral Health: one for anxiety and one on emotional expression & reflection, called “Rise Up!” based on the book “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown, PhD and LMSW.

I’m currently working on preparing a case report in which I’ll be sharing my whole story as well as laying out circumstantial evidence to present to a legal team in the hopes that they will further investigate my case and help me bring my alleged spies to justice as well as help me receive substantial compensation for months of illegal spying in my home along with psychological torture as they said a lot of cruel things to me. The alleged privacy invasion lasted for quite a few months.

I am an aspiring writer and speaker and started attending a few writing group sessions on Zoom available through Spark Central Library, a nonprofit library in Spokane. Now the group is meeting in person, and I keep skipping out on it, due in part to my anxiety as the last time I was in group it triggered my anxiety and my muscles got really tense and knotted up.

I plan to begin sharing my story of recovery through the Evergreen Club to civic organizations in Spokane for the Public Relations committee, in hopes that some civic organizations will speak well of us to area businesses, as we need to gain additional transitional employment positions in the community to be in compliance with Clubhouse International standards. This is important because Clubhouse International provides us with our accreditation. Others from the Evergreen Club will be sharing their stories to civic organizations as well. Systematic desensitization, including speaking to occupational students here at E.W.U. should help with my anxiety about speaking and sharing my personal story with others and further help prepare me for the fight of my life in court and in the public arena.

One of the committees I’m on at The Evergreen Club is the Social Justice committee. This provides me with meaningful work, and providing meaningful work is a key component of Clubhouse International, of which The Evergreen Club is part of. Furthermore, I have a history of civic engagement in the community. In the past I helped organize Service-Learning fairs for SCC as an AmeriCorps Vista project coordinator and sustainability-related events for the SCC Hagan Center for the Humanities. I resigned due to severe pain and fatigue, and it was a few years later that I experienced a real or imagined spy operation that left me feeling traumatized and led to my diagnosis of PTSD.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Requesting Letters of Support

This is how I intend to request letters of support for my case:

  1. Use DEAR MAN (A Dialectical Behavioral Therapy tool) to request letters of support. Offer $40 to friends for their time spent reviewing and responding to my request.
  2. Obtain email addresses and physical addresses of people I’m requesting support from.
  3. Email them the request letter, asking for them if they’d be willing to spend a couple of hours reviewing my case report and write a letter indicating whether or not they believe it’s possible that I really WAS spied on, along with supportive evidence.
  4. Send them the case report if they are willing to spend the time doing this. Offer reward for doing this for me, as it will take a couple of hours or so. Pay them for their time regardless of whether or not they believe me.
  5. If people feel it’s possible, ask them to use talking points, including:
    1. Competencies demonstrated that run counter to a schizophrenia diagnosis.
    1. Recognizing a strong motive for the alleged spy operation.
    1. Specific points addressed in my case report that support the possibility of a real spy operation.
    1. Anything they know about the character of my alleged spies (for those who have met some of my family, for example).
    1. Their credentials, if they have any, and/or their relationship to me.
  6. Schedule a 2-hr session with MJ, Laurel, Stephanie A, Rex, my peer support specialist, and a couple of counselors at FBH who believed I may have been spied on, to review my case report and interview me. Ask if they believe it’s possible that I really was spied on and ask them for letters of support to present to a legal team, along with their credentials.
  7. In the case report, document:
    1. My request letters (showing organized thinking and applied DBT skills).
    1. The letters of support from those who believe it’s possible I really WAS spied on.
    1. My full report, showing the who, what, when, where, and why of it, circumstantial evidence, as well as the history and character of some of my prime suspects.
The Privacy Invasion Collection

My #1 Issue & Action Plan

This is the agenda I came up with based on the SOLVED application, a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy tool for problem solving. My problem is that I believe I was spied and subjected to torture, and I want justice. I discussed this agenda with my counselor, who seemed supportive.

  1. Continue to work on my case report. Demonstrate a motive. Show the who, what, when, where, and why. Examine the character and history of some of my alleged spies.
  2. Work on systematic desensitization with Stephanie A.
  3. Prove my competencies to others and document them in my case report. Look for opportunities to build and demonstrate competencies, especially in the areas of written communication, oral communication, relationship-building, collaboration, organizing, and other tasks. Demonstrate ability to organize thoughts, offer editorial advice (which I did for the EGC self-study), etc.
    1. Presentations for The Evergreen Club (EGC):
      1. Present to the Spokane Homeless Coalition.
      1. Present to other area agencies and civic organizations.
      1. Perform speaking tours for the EGC in which I share parts of my personal story (although there will be parts of my story that I WON’T be sharing publicly).
    1. Consumer Educator Position for the Eastern Washington University (E.W.U.) occupational therapy program (limited, contractual employment).
    1. Publications @ EGC.
    1. Writing group (when I’m ready).
    1. Eventually: Work with Spokane group MAC (first focus on other committee work and presentations for EGC).
    1. Gain competency on speaking both through practice, and by learning speaking skills.
  4. Show my case report to other individuals and ask them if they believe I was possibly subject to a real spy operation. Ask for a letter indicating whether or not they believe it’s possible I really was spied on, including talking points discussing their opinion with supportive evidence. Ask Stephanie A, MJ @ EGC, Laurel @ EGC, Rex @ EGC, Diana @ EWU, Rachael A., Chris Snell, Elaine Terdal, Elizabeth Ross, Orion Moon, Sean McKelvey, Kristen, agencies, reporters, and journalists. Have a sit-down meeting with Stephanie A, MJ of EGC, Laurel White of EGC, Rexanne of EGC, as well a couple of counselors who believed it was possible that I was spied on, to review my case report and interview me.
  5. Collect letters of support.
  6. Show my case report along with letters of support to a legal team and ask that they further investigate by looking into phone calls and talking to people. Ask them if they can hire a psychologist or psychiatrist with a PhD to sit down with me, review my case report and my medical records to determine if they believe it was possible that I was spied on.
  7. Address anxiety about potential publicity by seeking moral support from others. Gradually share more of my story to certain individuals and in group (though asking my group leaders not to document everything I share). Ask agencies that will be sympathetic to my cause for moral support as well if/when my case goes to trial and during any potential publicity via the press and social media that results.
  8. During times of negative publicity (assuming there is negative publicity), reach out to people who have pledged moral support.
  9. Be sure to celebrate my progress including small action steps towards my goal. Post my celebrations on Facebook.
The Privacy Invasion Collection

My Multi-Pronged Strategy

Here is the strategy I presented to my counselor at Frontier Behavioral Health today. She didn’t have any suggestions for improvement. She never tells me I’m schizophrenic when I present stuff like this to her, and she seems supportive of my desire to pursue justice and have my case properly investigated.

The Evergreen Club and my position as a Consumer Educator for E.W.U. (limited contractual work) will provide me with opportunities to develop and demonstrate many competencies, which will be important in building my case report and in gaining letters of support from others who believe me, which I will be presenting to a legal team along with the case report. The case report will explain the who, what, when, where, and why of the alleged spy operation, as well as explore the character and history of a few of my prime suspects, plus show many of my competencies that are outside the norm for someone with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.  I will especially be seeking out opportunities to develop and demonstrate competency in presenting, writing, editing, organizing, collaborating, and communicating, showing organized thought as well as demonstrating critical thinking skills. At the Evergreen Club, I am engaging in committee work, will be giving club tours, in which I will share my personal story (just parts of it as there is stuff that I won’t be opening up about publicly when I represent the Evergreen Club), will plan and prepare presentations to other organizations, including the Spokane Homeless Coalition and civic organizations. I offered editorial advice a recent self-study at the Evergreen Club, a study that we must routinely submit to Clubhouse International to keep our accreditation.  I prepare Power-Point presentations and Facebook posts for The Evergreen Club, as well as do front desk work and some other work as needed and as my mood or energy level dictates. Furthermore, I plan to run a book club for the book Their Eyes Were Watching God, engage in writing and sharing with the Drop in & Write group through Spark Central (although that’s currently on hold as I need to do more work on anxiety & developing my competency at written communication & vocabulary), and later on in the future I plan to work with the Spokane organization Music, Art, & Creativity (MAC). That’s on hold as well as I have lots of other work to do before I get to that, plus need to gradually work on systematic desensitization before I’m ready to participate.

Furthermore, I will be planning on how to cope with a stressful court battle and potential publicity. I will gain the verbal support of other agencies by sending them my case report along with letters of support to various agencies who might be sympathetic to my cause and have my back. Gaining support will provide me with other individuals and agencies to reach out to when I am in heightened states of distress during the potential court case along with any potential negative publicity from the press and social media that arises as a result of pursuing legal action.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Street Justice Vs. Legal Justice

My friend and former business partner, Sean McKelvey, thinks if I pursue legal justice against my alleged spies and get them put in prison, that I’m no better then them. The way I see it though, is that they were threatening to send ME off to prison, so I want to turn the tables around on them and threaten to send THEIR sorry asses off to prison and use the law their care so fucking much about against THEM! Besides, if I pursued street justice, I would be the one who would end up in prison, and society wouldn’t learn an important lesson, being that it’s NEVER okay to violate someone’s constitutional privacy rights AND it’s NEVER okay to terrorize and psychologically torture someone. I don’t care WHAT you suspect they’re doing in the privacy of their own home. I don’t care WHAT you heard about them. I don’t care what they actually ARE doing in the privacy of their own home. We ALL have fucking rights, damn it. And they were so hell-bent on trying to prove that I was malingering, telling me what great SPEAKING and THINKING skills I had. Damn it, I was great at speaking because I was so goddamn passionate about my fucking RIGHTS. I was ANGRY! I was on FIRE! Also, I wasn’t on stage in front of a live audience, so I didn’t have stage fright, and I had grown accustomed to their presence. When I was lecturing them, I was doing it from the HEART! That’s why my “speeches” I gave them were so goddamn powerful! I’m not simply in this to teach THEM a powerful lesson, I’m in this to teach SOCIETY a fucking lesson! That’s why this is so important to me. This is everything to me. This is URGENT! I’ll put my “speaking” skills and “thinking” skills to work to prove that THEY are indeed the REAL criminals!

For the record, Sean thought it would be justice enough to write and publish a book about their abusive behavior. But I disagree. It isn’t enough for their crimes against me. And I’m not one to pursue street justice anyway. That was never an option for me. By the way, Sean said there’s no WAY I’m schizophrenic. He believes I was spied on. And they had their reasons.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

The Big Important Scary Thing…

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

So, the big important thing I’m going to be doing in the next several weeks is – I wish it was abolishing capitalism, but no, that’s over my head – is preparing a document to present to a legal team that makes a compelling argument that my privacy rights were violated, that I was put through psychological torture, and that I was a victim of a hate crime. Putting this document together and preparing to speak to a legal team is anxiety-inducing, so I’m going to be working with therapists and am going to try what’s known as “systematic desensitization.” I’ve already started the process of desensitization by sharing parts of my story publicly on Facebook and on my blog. I’m also participating in a public group outside the safety of the mental health community, though I haven’t shared a lot yet with them about my personal story, but it is a writing group, and I will be writing about myself, and sharing parts of it. I ended up in pain from the anxiety last time I was in group, and I’m going to have to embrace some physical pain as I expose myself to triggers. So long as I understand what’s causing the pain, so I don’t freak out about the pain and end up in extra bad pain from health anxiety, I’ll manage. And I have Xanax I can take when it gets really bad. If I get the publicity I’m pursuing, I could end up in severe pain for a few days when news breaks out. But I’ll have supporters I can lean on. I can call First Call for Help if I need to. I can take Xanax and practice coping techniques. I’ll be learning and reviewing lots of coping strategies in the next several weeks as I plan to attend group therapy at Frontier Behavioral Health. So, I will be arming myself with solid steel armor. And I will be taking lots of busy breaks to distract myself from all of this as well. What I won’t be doing much of is resting as that just increases my anxiety because I spend my resting time thinking and overthinking stuff, which really isn’t restful at all. Sometimes I sleep well, and sometimes my sleep is shitty. I’ll just have to deal with it. btw, I’m reading “Fight Club” which is one of my many distractions right now. Got other projects going on at The Evergreen Club. I might be at risk of going overboard, which I have a history of doing, but I’m trying to stay as busy and preoccupied as possible when not spending time constructively addressing my “situation.”

The Privacy Invasion Collection

This is My Revenge

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

My neck muscles are all knotted up. My nerves through-out my fascia are whining obnoxiously, like a children’s choir. But I’ve got to do this. I’ve GOT to! This is my revenge. I must teach them a lesson if it kills me! I could get tied down at the stake and burned alive, a human roast. I might get tortured first. But I want them to wake up one day; fully wake up to the realization of “Oh my God, what have I done?” I want that to sink in, deep down into their bones. I want every ounce of fiber in their entire body singing my song in a squealing voice, laden with a high-pitched synthesizer sound. I want their stomach muscles tight and achy much as mine, and I want them to feel so sick to their stomach that they vomit puke-green slime. I want them to cry out to the great heavens, begging forgiveness for what they have done; for what I have had to endure.

Religion & Politics The Privacy Invasion Collection

Fuck Yeah, I’m Civil Rights Minded!

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

Six years ago, someone wanted to know if I was civil rights minded. I didn’t understand why she was asking that. But now I get it! I finally made the mental connection. And YES, actually, I AM civil rights minded, and that should TERRIFY her to death. In fact, I hope she loses sleep at night over it!  I’m civil rights minded to the CORE. She and others put the wrong person to the test! I WILL speak out. I WILL sue! I WON’T cower to any intimidation tactics. I am STRONG. I may be suffering from anxiety-related pain, but that’s not going to stop me! I learned about some strong people in my classes at Eastern Washington University and I KNEW people who were strong and proud. I absorbed their strength. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but I wanted to do something to help create a better world. I focused on the environment for a while. I focused on antiwar protesting for a while. But it wasn’t until this THING happened to me, that my true colors really shined. THIS was it, my big test, to see if I could stand my ground and to see if I would resist or follow the path of least resistance. This inner battle continued on after the event, as well as the question remained: how would I share my experience without sounding like I’d totally checked out of reality for a long minute? Or trying to explain the “why” of why they did this to me. They had their reasons. They had legitimate reasons, but that’s not an excuse for what they did. I won’t say at this point what their reasons were. But trust me, they had their reasons.

Religion & Politics The Privacy Invasion Collection

Remember, Psychological Torture is Against International Law!!!

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

When I learned about triggers in a Frontier Behavioral Health group, I thought the point of us learning about triggers is so that we could AVOID triggers, but apparently, it’s so we can be better equipped to handle our triggers. I want to go into public speaking but am imagining bad-case scenarios and of course the worst-case scenario imaginable. There is not much I can do to prepare for the worst case, which would involve receiving negative publicity and being tortured and burned to death by some crazy white supremacist, except perhaps to prepare to approach it through meditation and guided imagery. I once read about someone who was able to undergo surgery without anesthesia or pain medication because he was THAT effective at meditation. That’s some MAD skillz! I know in anxiety group they warn against “catastrophizing”, but I have good reason to believe that I could be further targeted and become a victim of a hate crime a second time around. I don’t want to back down, though. I SHOULDN’T back down. Others out there that have come before me have braved some insanely serious potential threats but did what they believed was the RIGHT thing to do for the betterment of society, despite the risks. Some have died for what they believed in but didn’t let death threats get the best of them and refused to back down. They died, but they died for a CAUSE. I survived through psychological torture, but physical torture is another beast, and hopefully I won’t have to come face to face with it. Torture should NEVER happen, psychological OR physical. What happened at Abu Ghraib was UNTHINKABLE, regardless of whether any of the suspects were or weren’t terrorists. It was sick and morally repulsive. My alleged spies didn’t use the same exact psychological torture techniques, but it was torture, nonetheless. Torture is against international law. Does that include psychological torture? And what if the torture is done by outlaws and not by the government, as I believe was the case with me? Is it still against international law THEN? Remember, it was in Spokane, WA where there existed the psychologists who were behind the psychological torture interrogation practices experimented with at Abu Ghraib. THEY invented those techniques. Spokane is the city I call home, and it is the very same city I believe I was spied on by a vigilante “justice mob” consisting of primarily neighbors and family who thought up some “lovely” torture techniques of their own to try out on me.

Consumer Behavior The Privacy Invasion Collection

Judging the Judges

Trigger warning: rated R for foul language.

I tend to think of myself as nonjudgmental. Ya know, accepting and respectful of all human beings. But upon reflection, I’m realizing we’re ALL disapproving of others. I tend to be hypercritical of those I see as cruel towards some people. The snobs in society. Judge Judy drives me crazy the way she rudely nitpicks at certain individuals.

So, I try to be accepting of all people. We’re all different. I had a friend who drove me nuts, she was so judgmental. But she couldn’t, she wouldn’t let go of me as a friend, and I didn’t want to tell her straight up that she was goddam ignorant; I didn’t know how she’d take it. But she had something to say about everyone, including the homeless people outside her apartment building. That, despite the fact that I first met her when we were staying at the shelter. But she considers that different than living on the streets. I finally let her go…

You know, most people are alright. Well actually, peasants on the street can be just as judgmental as anyone. The gossip about others never ends, no matter what circle of humans you find yourself in.

There is a lady that I sometimes see at the bus plaza and on the bus though that I’m curious about, and have a hard time not checking out her growing outfit, as she continues to add more and more layers of frills to it, made from cut up brightly colored fabrics. I saw her recently on a hot summer day, and my how her floral garden had grown! She must attract a lot of bees. I mean, she’s interesting, that’s for sure – a walking piece of art. But I wonder, how often does she disassemble and reassemble her getup? Or does she sleep in it? She doesn’t smell bad, not that I’ve noticed, so surely, she’s taking showers. How long does it take to take off all those layers of frills and how long does it take to put them back on? Or do the ruffles stay on her jeans and shirt that she can just pull them off in a cinch? So yeah, I try not to pass judgment on her. But she’s certainly an exhibitionist and I don’t know how she can stand the summer heat in all those layers. I saw her during the record heat wave that just hit the Pacific Northwest and she was still covered in layer upon layer of frills. I’m not so curious about her, however, that I’m gonna sneak into her home and set up spy cameras to find out what her daily habits are like. That is something I’D never do.

Her outfit actually, now that I think of it, reminds me of my crazy junk-based 3D art projects that started budding and blossoming in my apartment – spreading out across my living room like wild strawberries run amuck – during the few short months when I was doing meth, before my siblings and neighbors got super curious about me, so inquisitive about me that I believe they DID put spy cameras in my home. I also remember when I was playing dress up to entertain, cheer up, and energize myself, as well as sometimes dressing up for my boyfriend. I had cut up fabrics and concocted some wild, sexy ensembles. Normally though I didn’t go out dressed super crazy. But come to think of it, one time I did. This was during my post drug-days (which was a short-lived time for me), when I thought I was being spied on, and I was determined to let it leak to the public that my 4th amendment constitutional privacy rights were being violated. I wore some kind of crazy getup. I wish I could remember what it looked like. All I can recollect is I had a collage duct taped to my outfit made from some issues of The Finger, which was an underground zine some friends and I put together. Well, I only worked on the Finger for three issues, actually. I believe I was also wearing a denim jacket with “Report Privacy Invasion! Call Crime Check!” along with Crime Check’s local phone number, even though I wasn’t really the biggest fan of “law & order.” Anyway, I went out clad like a spectacle, hoping to draw interest to my cause (my resistance to privacy invasion). I thought if I could attract attention, perhaps someone would investigate and discover that I was being spied on. I also had produced signs on blank paper using colorful sharpies and doodling that I taped to my apartment window facing a distant parking lot, in the hopes that someone would see the signs and take out binoculars to read them and view my battle for privacy rights. The regional manager told me to take the signs down as I was “defacing” the building, and I protested, insisting that I was being spied on and it was my cry for help.

Another time I crafted a huge sign and dressed up in an interesting – albeit not as spectacular as the getup I wore to my outing – outfit and started chanting “Psychological torture is against international law!” outside. A lady passing by asked me what it was all about, and I told her some people were spying on me and putting me through psychological torture. She responded with something like “Well, good luck!”

I do recall dressing slightly odd when I was in high school, and later when I was attending E.W.U. I was a radical Spokane cheerleader, against war, and had been inspired to “wear my art” by spoken-word artist Alix Olsen. But my outfits were NOTHING compared to this lady with piles upon piles of colorful frills decorating her underclothes, which remain on her regardless of the weather. I mean, someone I saw at a Mead High School reunion did comment that she liked the clothes I wore in high school, which just meant she thought my garments were “interesting”, but this was a high school with a bunch of rich preppy snobs and it didn’t take much imagination to be “different” at that school.

There was a time when my friend Orion and I ventured out, decked out in costume to distribute copies of the first ever issue of The Finger (with a middle finger printed on the front page pointed at an image of The Spokesman Review) in FRONT of The very same Spokesman Review. It was my idea to dress up initially, and I wore some kind of outfit with the bottom half of my bridesmaid dress from a friend’s wedding. It was a two-piece bridesmaid dress with a full long skirt; pastel lilac colored with metallic beads attached. I can’t remember the rest of the outfit, but I definitely remember what Orion put together. I have no idea how he did this, but somehow, he was a two-sided man. On one side he was wearing a white wife-beater ribbed tank top with red and white polka dot boxers, and on the other side he was dressed up like a 1930s businessman. He’s a true artist and did a fantastic job putting together that ensemble!

There was another time during the alleged spy operation, when I was hoping to attract FBI attention in hopes that they’d investigate my outlaw vigilante spies. I painted “DRUGS” with acrylic paint in loud colors and large print (maybe red and black? Can’t remember) on a canvas bag. I was walking near the federal building downtown. I don’t know why I thought they might be interested in helping a radical leftist out who had also been a suspected and actual drug user. I mean, they really don’t care at all about us. The feds and police let somethings slide, while inventing reasons to put more people of color, radicals, and drug users behind bars. I’m white but I had been a radical who had probably drawn at least a little bit of FBI attention in the past (well one friend though I probably had an FBI file based on what all I posted on Facebook). I was quickly becoming a temporary non-leftist however as instead of wanting a world without prison, I wanted to send a bunch of people to prison who I thought spied on me. But I reasoned we could let most everyone else outta jail!

So I guess I’ve been known to draw attention myself, although nowadays I go out dressed like a total “normal” person. You wouldn’t guess I ever had a wild streak from my current attire. Well maybe on occasion I sport a neat black & white bandana, but that’s about it. And I’m glad my junk-based art collection and scrap collection aren’t expanding exponentially and consuming my home. It’s good I’m writing instead. Although I must say, my new collection of hand-written journals IS increasing. They don’t take up as much space as my gigantic art projects, my years of accumulated paperwork, and my enormous book collection. But they do take up space. I might get around to scanning them someday to my PC, but then they’ll hog up digital space, and I’d need a roomier external drive, or an extra one. Eventually the external drives would pile up and invade my living room space!

Anyway, so yeah, I’m against judging and yet I judge people who judge, as well as notice some oddballs of society, but you know, some people really do deserve to be judged. Like white supremacists who murder black people. And x-husbands who forcibly budge their way into their ex-wives’ homes to look through the cupboards. Hell yeah, I’m gonna judge them! I’m gonna judge the fucking daylights out of them!

Speaking about people being judgmental; my sister Karrie recently called me a “nut bag” for accusing my siblings of having once spied on me. That ignorant fucking piece of shit bitch! It is NEVER okay to call someone a “nut bag”!

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Big Dreams & Limited Energy

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I have big dreams but have to limit them due to my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which sometimes gets depressing. If I had lots of energy, I’d build a successful nonprofit out of our blog, maintain a healthy social life so I could have lots of friends and acquaintances, and socially network. Not only would I write and publish my book, but I’d keep up better with the news, read lots of books, attend more protests, go to parties, go bicycling regularly, write lots of articles not only for our own blog, but for other publications as well, to help build up my name. I’d go on a big book tour to promote my book, plus would give speeches on other issues I strongly believe in. I’d speak out against capitalism & colonialism, speak up for reparations to the African Socialist People’s Party, speak out against hate crimes against sex workers, speak out against racist policing and mass imprisonment – especially of men, particularly black and Latino men – and speak up for the decriminalization & de-stigmatization of the entire sex industry and all drugs as well as advocate for free access to drugs to help prevent drug-related crimes that hurt people. I’d have a home with an art studio and a shed so I could upcycle art from junk and would devote some time and energy to art projects. I’d take lots of classes and workshops, including ones for nonprofit businesses, for art & welding, for speaking & dramatic storytelling, for writing, and for photography. So much more….

Unfortunately I like many others who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or other disabilities that limit our potential, can’t do all that.

I need to modify my future plan. It could take years to complete, promote, and publish my book, and time is of the essence in bringing some of my former spies to justice and suing them. My x-husband’s father is a wealthy retired stockbroker with a big home and lots of investments. But he won’t be around forever, and I need to sue him before he dies. My sister Joyce and her husband are in fantastic health and financially well-off so I’m sure they’ll climb socially and monetarily. Suing them isn’t as urgent because they’ll likely live at least 20 or 30 more years, possibly even into their 90s. I also plan to sue Goodale & Barbieri as I believe the apartment manager & maintenance guy of the building I lived in were in on the spy operation and had reason to illegally spy on me.

I can’t wait for my book to come out to sue my ex-husband’s father, however. So instead of focusing on my book right now, I need to work on my press kit some more as well as work a part-time job for several months when I have the energy, and use the extra money to hire a private investigator to work on my case. Afterwards, I am hoping to have enough evidence to present to the media to motivate them to finish investigating the spy operation I strongly believe I endured. After working for several months, I’m sure I will need some time for recovery, and then I will need to devote some time and energy into pursing a legal case against my alleged spies. Then I’ll need to recover from that, before working on my book. And given my energy level, that could take another decade, and at some point I’ll need to socially network more to promote my book. I may need a friend to do the book tour for me and share passages as well as talk about me from their own personal experience.

When I sue, I want to buy three drug repo houses to have renovated ecologically – one for my son, one for my ex-boyfriend, and one for me and my current boyfriend. I will also need to save up money to live on and will need to pay for a housekeeper for me and my disabled boyfriend, as well as increased utilities, health insurance (which I currently get for free through Medicaid), food without food stamp support, some money for recreation, home & garden tools, and much more. Not that I’ll be doing lots of gardening as that also takes energy, but I’ll try to get outside to garden with my boyfriend once in a while. I want my home to have a master bedroom & bath, a guest room & guest bathroom, a couple of offices or maybe one office with two desks, a living & dining room, a room for books, an art studio, and a shed for collecting junk for upcycling projects. These increases to our cost of living will limit how much reparations I can pay, but I will do my best to pay my reparations due. I will charge a small amount of rent to my son and ex-boyfriend depending on how they’re doing. My ex-boyfriend isn’t taking care of his health and doesn’t have health insurance, so I’m worried he’ll become disabled and lose his janitorial job. He’s razor-sharp though, so maybe I could get him to help with the blog should he become disabled and have more time on his hands, in exchange for cheap rent. I will also need to hold out money for upkeep & maintenance of the homes I own.

Hopefully I can do all this. It’s still a lot for a person with chronic fatigue though…

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Introducing Communist Myra Sue of the 2021 “All-American City”

Introducing Myra Sue (Who You Don’t Know…YET!)

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin, manager of The Deep End Northwest (a blog you’ve probably never heard about…YET).

I initially wrote this for The Onion, only to find out that The Onion doesn’t accept contributions from outside writers. I will have to educate myself about publications that DO accept outside contributions. Anyway, this was intended to be funny, even though it’s about a painful experience I underwent. This is written in third person...

Myra Sue from Spokane WA (now labeled the “All American City” reportedly remembers reading an article in the Pacific Northwest Inlander in 2015 (A Spokane weekly newspaper) about someone’s storage getting bought out and treasures being found, such as brochures. This reminded her of her own storage (which had brochures in it) getting bought out, because one of two guys stole her $80 her parents had given her to pay the storage bill she was behind on as well as her bottle of Xanax. She claims she only read this one article, well perhaps another, in all of 2015 because she was busy studying drug culture “experientially.” Despite reading this article in The Inlander, she claimed to be completely unaware of Shar Lichty’s 2015 run for Spokane mayor – even though she reportedly knew Shar Lichty from The Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane – until an alleged spy operation was underway (which, coincidentally started on or around the time of Spokane’s primary election on August 4, 2015”. She alleges one of her alleged spies told her and that is how she found out about Lichty’s run. She said because she was so caught up in “studying” drug culture, she didn’t know what was going on in the world outside. “I was busy studying drug culture like a cultural anthropologist or investigative journalist, plus I was busy scrapping and creating upcycled art from junk plus shuffling my stuff around like a Rubik’s cube to make everything fit so I wouldn’t be evicted for hoarding,” she said. “Then I got spied on by neighbors, apartment management, the maintenance guy, my hateful siblings as well as my hateful ex-husband’s well-to-do family, and a few others. They spied on me because they suspected me of drug abuse and drug-related activity and my neighbors were stalking and harassing suspected drug users and their friends.” She says also that her snobby sister Joyce Pardi’s husband has a close family member who’s retired FBI, and they may have thought she was a potential “terrorist” threat due to identifying as an Anarchist and threatening to anyone within earshot of her while she was talking loudly through her apartment walls that if they (Republicans in general and the apartment management) kept throwing people out on the street without food stamps and housing, then she was going to start a street revolution. She reports saying this so that her apartment manager would think twice about evicting her to avoid the beginning of class war, but that it backfired on her. She claims her alleged spies put her through psychological torture, which is against international law. While you are just now getting acquainted with Myra Sue, she says she plans to go down in history, fighting for the privacy rights of all druggies and suspected druggies. “The 4th Amendment applies to us to and I plan to fight the privacy rights for ALL U.S. citizens; even noncitizens!” While she has yet to make history and have her claims investigated by the media, she plans to write a book about her experience as well as her entire life and use her earnings to hire a private investigator to investigate her case. “I’m not a schizophrenic, and I’m going to prove that!” She’d ultimately like to see her alleged spies get busted.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Is She Criminally Minded? (A Dream About My Sister Joyce)

By Myra St. Clair Baldwin

Last night I had a dream about my sister Joyce and me. We were sitting around a coffee table with a female friend of hers in a home (hers or her friend’s). She and her friend had their cell phones out and decided to charge some things to a few other guys’ accounts. Her friend said they weren’t likely to get caught, because these guys were not likely to look at their statements. My sister had no reason to commit these crimes other than for the thrill of it. She hadn’t committed any crimes since childhood, apart from the abusive spy operation I believed she and others had put me through, as well as underage drinking (which most everyone does). She had her own successful business (unlike my business which isn’t making it off the ground) and her husband is a civil engineer. They’re financially well off with no addictions to feed (except for shopping) and for my sister’s full adult life she’s been a social climber making all the “right” choices (though she has a shopping addiction for brand new consumer clothes & goods). It should be noted that the production and distribution of global consumer goods is as hard on the environment and as exploitative as street drug & pharmaceutical production, cars, and non-bioregional non-organic non-GMO food, but she obeyed the law anyway and worked hard (she’s blessed with natural high energy and is smart, so she’s been able to climb the ladder, unlike me who suffers from chronic fatigue and sometimes brain fog, plus I also learned about the evils of capitalism in college). Anyway she initially charged something to someone else’s account and felt kind of nervous but also kind of excited. Then she did it again and felt really excited, like that former high school lab teacher on Breaking Bad who starts producing & selling meth and gets a charge from it despite not using it himself. She exclaimed “I’m a criminal!” excitedly.

Anyway, her friend miscalculated, and somehow this indirectly led to a man’s death. I’m not sure how, but anyway they were afraid of getting caught. I wanted her to get caught, because I reasoned that would prove she was “criminally minded” and would help me build my case against her, my other siblings, and others who I believed spied on me. But I didn’t want to let on that I was planning to rat her out because I was afraid she might kill me to avoid a prison sentence. I decided to wait until I got home and then join the secret witness protection program. So I kept quiet. I went out to lunch with her and a couple others later and kept quiet. Then she had a party going on at her house with people coming and going, including a couple people I recognized from high school and tried to say “hi” to. People were also partying outside in the back yard. Somebody handed me a statement that had two items on it; one for $200 and one for $300 and it had a man’s name on it; apparently it was a statement for a guy who my sister and her friend stole from. I held onto it – but later someone wanted to see it and I handed it to them. She looked at it and gave me a surprised look and I said, “It wasn’t me!” Then I was afraid I had said to much, so I continued to be quiet while trying to appear social. The lady I had handed it to was showing others at the party and they were talking about it. I feared how this would turn out.

Later that evening, there were a few people outside in the front of her house. A man was outside in the middle of the street – a man they stole from – who had just coincidentally happened to stop by and had the statement in his hand. Apparently he was told that the statement was a bill for the alcohol for the party to cover up what the charges were really for, and he was talking about how unfair it was that he received a bill for the alcohol when no one else at the party had.

The next day I was with Joyce and a few others outside on someone’s lawn. I was standing with my back to the street facing the others and Joyce was on the right. I loudly blurted out a quote from the alleged spy operation. I can’t remember what the quote was; it was something that one of my spies said, and it was really fitting to the occasion. Perhaps it was “Is she criminally minded?” which I had heard Joyce herself say during the alleged spy operation, though in the spy operation, it was directed at me instead of herself. Everyone to the left of Joyce was looking at me, not understanding what I was talking about. Then I looked at Joyce and she let out some laughter like she recognized the quote, and then I laughed. I looked at everyone else and they looked at me like I was crazy, so I said “It’s an inside joke. You would have had to be there to get it!” I didn’t want to mention the spy operation because they would just act like it never happened and I was  just schizophrenic.

Then I woke up, so I’m not sure how this story would have ended.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

My Book Won’t be a Tell-all (Unless I Change my Mind)

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I edited some of my blog articles on privacy invasion as well as my bio to indicate that the spy operation may have been real or imagined. It was a great pleasure to re-read  my essay “A Carrie Brownstein Wannabe Tries on Different Hats” as it was well written, quirky, and detail-packed.

Whether or not people believe there was a real spy operation, they should find my autobiography intriguing, when I’m done with it. I don’t think it will be a tell-all after all, because I was too traumatized by something to include it in my book and besides, I don’t want the media to get ahold of this tidbit of information on me. Just thinking about the potential for publicity (some of it negative) has put me in a state of severe anxiety, plus has caused me to relive the trauma I experienced. Though, even writing about the spy operation even without that piece of information will still be hard to do. Sorry to disappoint for not letting the cat totally out of the bag, but the media would possibly, totally PULVERIZE me for this secret. Hahaha! I will NEVER tell!

I just LOVE flirting dangerously with the press! But I will NEVER give away the ending!

The Privacy Invasion Collection


By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

For a while, I was numbing the pain
By staying busy with groups, the Evergreen Club, and SLP activities.
And I needed to do that.
What I’d been through was so profoundly painful.
I didn’t share my whole story with my counselor or in groups.
But now I’m working on writing my book.
It’s not going to be easy.
Writing my book will be painful.
Sharing my story with the public will be scary.
I don’t know how the public will react.
I will probably gain a few fans, but have a lot of enemies.
I don’t know if I will win my case in court.
That’s up to the jurors, and I don’t know how kind they’ll be towards my cause.
I will need to rally lots of support.
I will need for a lawyer to be doing the majority of the media interviews, because it will be hard, really hard for me to do that.
I get that some people were feeling hurt and angry, and that’s why they lashed out at me, but that doesn’t justify what they put me through.
It was not okay.
This could happen to somebody else, and it shouldn’t.
Therefore I will proceed with this matter.
It will get easier with time.
I might attract the attention of the KKK. They might physically torture me and martyr me.
I must be VERY brave!
The book might take a while to write, because the subject matter is so deeply painful.
Yet, there may be a statute of limitations that I have to consider.
So proceed I must.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

What I’m Capable of…

They [my alleged spies] acted like I could be an actress, a journalist, a reporter, a business owner, a historian, a philosopher, a poet, a spouse, a speaker, an instructor., a revolutionary warrior, and a criminal detective. The list goes on and on.

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

When my alleged spies tried to show me what all I could do, well, they must have been kidding me! To be a reporter, I really need to devote seven to ten hours per day following the news and chasing down stories and getting out in the community (I will try to get out more after the Covid-19 crisis). But as a business owner, I have other work to do that interferes with tuning into the news & literature full time. There’s a website to build, videos to edit, technology to trouble-shoot, and secretarial/bookkeeping work to do like filing quarterly taxes. Plus I have housework to do, which also suffers. The list of things they suggested I was capable of goes on and on. And my work suffers as a result, because I really CAN’T do it all! They acted like I could be an actress, a journalist, a reporter, a business owner, a historian, a philosopher, a poet, a spouse, a speaker, an instructor., a revolutionary warrior, and a criminal detective. The list goes on and on. I run out of steam (and time) to do it all. They just wanted to prove that I had talent and was therefore malingering. As a matter of fact, I am leading an investigation…into them! An investigation into the spy operation. I plan to send my former spies to prison, as well as sue them. I’ll teach them not to fuck with people!

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Possible Gaslighting

By Myra St. Clair Baldwin

That now makes 4 nonschizophrenic friends who know me well that believe it’s possible there was a real spy operation. A few of my alleged spies were white & wealthy, and I don’t know if they’ll ever have to do one single day in jail for what they put me through.

I wouldn’t put it past my exhusband and his family at all to do that to me. Years ago, when I lived with a roommate, my son and her son were at home (she was at work), and I opened the door to my exhusband. He pushed me aside and started looking through the cupboards to see if I had any weed (this is when it was illegal). He thought I must be smoking weed since I had become a college radical. I could have and should have called the cops on him. I didn’t and instead set a dangerous precedent that it was okay to violate my constitutionally guaranteed privacy rights.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

When I was homeless…

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I did a lot of journaling when I was homeless. I will need to go back and read my notes when I am ready to write more extensively about being homeless. In a way, I was more privileged than many of the homeless people at the shelter in that I could go back and forth between my parents’ place in the country and the urban shelter located in downtown Washington. I had been through a lot of trauma though due to the spy operation I had been through. Fortunately I had a bus pass and could easily access the mental health system, which included the Evergreen Club where I could do light volunteer work in a comfortable environment and got to participate in groups at Frontier Behavioral Health which included art group. I wasn’t feeling particularly artistically inclined though, as I lost a lot of my creative energy when I went off of uppers. And I went off of the uppers due to the privacy invasion. So I guess that’s the “silver lining” of getting spied on, since my brain’s not going to become eroded by the toxic chemicals in meth, but I’m still angry about the psychological torture I experienced and plan to bring my former spies – including family, family of my exhusband, and former neighbors – to justice.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Surveillance of the Masses

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin:

I just want someone to come forward and admit to spying on me! Maybe this guy that I heard during the spy operation against me who said he committed a “fuck-up-trois” (pronounced fuck-up-twa). I mean, I really thought he believed in the privacy rights of all U.S. Americans! He posted on Facebook regularly opposing our nation’s increasing surveillance of the masses. Maybe he even cared about all the citizens/residents of the world. Or supposedly cared… And yet he justified violating MY 4th amendment rights granted to me in the U.S. constitution. Perhaps if he comes forward, history will be “kind” to him. As for me, I’ll proudly go down on the “left side of history!” and I will never give up on trying to bring my former spies to justice!

The Privacy Invasion Collection


By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I mostly am guilt-free when it comes to inventing “word salads”. But I remember that one of my alleged spies used a term I was unfamiliar with, “fuck-up-toi” or “fuck-up-twa” I’m not quite sure about the spelling. I just tried to look up the word. BIG mistake to look up a word with “fuck” in it! Anyway, I’m not sure if this is a “real” word, a word one of my spies made up, or if my imagination invented the word. I’m not seeing it in the urban dictionary. The way the voice used it, it meant to fuck something up. I’m not sure who the “toi” referred to, which is French for “you”. Or perhaps the ending is supposed to be spelled “twa.”

The Privacy Invasion Collection

“Is She Conspiracy Minded”?

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I may have misunderstood my sister’s voice during the alleged spy operation (in my apartment) when I heard her voice ask “Is she (me) conspiracy minded”? What I thought she was wondering was if I believe in conspiracy theories. Well, while many conspiracy theories are absurd, or some versions of a theory are absurd, there are times when people really do actually conspire, and some conspiracy theories warrant consideration. So when I heard my sister’s voice say that, I replied that “yes, sometimes people conspire”. Now what my sister may have ACTUALLY meant, was if I was involved in a drug conspiracy. I wasn’t, but my alleged spies seemed aware that I had been using drugs prior to their spy operation, and may have believed that I was indeed conspiring or had conspired to commit a drug trafficking crime. Meanwhile, I believed that THEY were conspiring against me – to get me put in prison or the psych ward, chase me off from the apartment building, or get me kicked out of that apartment building.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Commies Aren’t Scary!

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

Ya know, during the privacy invasion or “schizophrenic episode” I endured, one of the “voices” or “spies” I heard kept calling me a “Commie”. And you know, he was afraid of Communists. So instead of trying to explain what a Communist REALLY is (as opposed to some mean scary dictator), I tried to pass myself off as a “moderate Green Party” person. Which is funny, because I used to think that the Green Party was on the radical left. Nope! And the way our president makes it sound, Democrats are fucking “radical leftists” which is a joke. They’re NOT radical at all. Also the way Trump talks about “radical leftists” is like it’s some bad thing to be. Which couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth! Being a “radical leftist” is a fucking compliment! But you know, I was trying to get my fucking “spies” or the “voices” to leave me the fuck alone, and telling them to “leave me the fuck alone” really just infuriated them and got them going”! So I caved. Sorry, I really tried to put up a big fight at first but was too weak to put up with all the psychological torture they put me through.

Drunkcast Show The Privacy Invasion Collection

Schizophrenia or Privacy Invasion?

Video Clip

Were the privacy rights of Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin of The Deep End Northwest in Spokane, WA violated or did she have a schizophrenic episode? You decide.

Drunkcast Show The Privacy Invasion Collection

Snitches & Spies

Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin, Sean P. McKelvey, and Orion Moon of The Deep End Northwest discuss snitches and spies.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Myra Sue’s Nosy Neighbors & Family

Filmed May 6, 2020

Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin explaining why she thought there was a real spy operation against her by neighbors & family as opposed to an imagined one.

Consumer Behavior Religion & Politics The Privacy Invasion Collection

Get Out of Jail Day

A national holiday in the near future!

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

A friend doesn’t think I should “waste” all my stimulus check on my business, but it’s totally NOT a waste, even if I never make a buck from it. This website has become a real passion for me. It gives me purpose in life, helps me contribute to society, and is creatively fulfilling. It also gives me an opportunity to build a case against some people that I believe really may have spied on me. While I’m no fan of mass imprisonment, I have come to view spies as being on the same level as snitches, and snitches are bitches! I’m willing to put away some spies and let all my many many junkie friends out jail! Including junkie friends I haven’t ever met; not yet! On the day I put some people behind bars, it’s also going to be widely known as the “Get Out of Jail” Holiday for most prisoners and it will be a national holiday to be celebrated forever more! We’ll be celebrating the holiday with organic, non-gmo, union grown, sustainably grown & transported (by bicycle! haha!) government subsidized cocaine (not funded by the CIA as a cash cow, but rather funded primarily by taxing the rich)! Because someday all drugs will be decriminalized and the violent war on drugs will come to a screeching halt! It will be the celebration of our lifetime! We’ll need government PSA’s of course to remind us not to take too much and overdose and not to give any to our dogs or our children (yes, U.S. Americans can be THAT dumb sometimes).

Consumer Behavior Drunkcast Show Religion & Politics The Privacy Invasion Collection

Drunkcast #2: “Potcast” Podcast

The Deep End Northwest… is a blog covering life, politics, and social issues such as anti-theism vs. religious supremacy, disease, hunger, global climate change & the environment, peace & war, capitalism vs. socialism, big business & worker’s rights, homelessness, mental illness & privacy issues, drug addiction, art, racism, reparations. LBTQA+ issues, gun rights & responsible ownership, legalization & decriminalization of recreational drugs , and more from a leftist perspective.

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Highlights of Interview with Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

Here are the highlights from Orion Moon’s interview with Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin of The Deep End Northwest. Orion interviewed Myra about the different stages of her life, including when she left her husband, opened a so-called Anarchist bookstore, helped with an underground newspaper, and endured privacy invasion or a schizophrenic episode.

From left to right: Myra St. Clair Baldwin & Orion Moon
The early days of The Deep End Northwest (formerly The Deep End Spokane).

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Maybe My Alleged Spies Were Right About Me Being Bipolar

Photo by Keenan Constance on

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

I woke up at 12:30 a.m. for the 3rd time today, so I decided to stay up. I did lots and lots of planning and messaged a bunch of people about upcoming projects that we (The Deep End Northwest) need help with. Now I’m tired and I have laundry and chores to do. I didn’t do them in the middle of the night because we’re not allowed to use the laundry room in the middle of the night and we have to be super quiet at night (or early morning as I usually call it), so I sat down and did some journaling and started thinking about upcoming projects for The Deep End blog because I just heard back from a couple of people yesterday; one that’s on board and wants to do some creative work, and one that’s potentially interested and has an idea for what she wants to write; they both have ideas for what they want to write as a matter of fact. So I was really excited and it took awhile to fall asleep despite the sleeping pills.

Anyway, I’m excited about the projects and have mental energy, but don’t have physical energy and the attention span to pay attention to chores I’m doing. I don’t know if lots of mental energy constitutes being “manic” because I’m lacking in physical energy. So usually on my mental health questionnaires I write 0 for being manic because I’m not running around doing chores with lots of manic energy. But maybe mental energy counts. I don’t always understand the questions on these questionnaires. And why do they ask if you’re interested in being a reporter or interested in drama? I mean, I really like dramatic theatre plays a lot, when I can afford to go (which isn’t often). And I really would love to be an underground journalist, though I struggle with finding the time to read the news because my brain keeps coming up with lots and lots of ideas. Too many ideas and I can’t do all that work because I run out of steam.

I have a HUD inspection on Monday morning, so I really have to get it together and get this place in tip-top shape!

Maybe my alleged spies were right about me being bipolar; although they were definitely wrong about me having Multiple Personality Disorder. And I find it kind of curious that they were calling me dramatic and an underground reporter – it’s like as if they had looked over my test scores for a mental health questionnaire I had filled out in which I indicated that I did indeed like drama and was interested in being a journalist or reporter.

I’m scheduling time to recover (and not do chores) for two days following our next big event. I got to remember to ask my counselor if maybe I’m bipolar. I was trying not to get going on any projects for the last several years, because I was given the diagnosis of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” and “Fibromyalgia” so I was really trying hard to pace myself and not over-do it. But I really want to be working on these projects now. And I don’t want medications for bipolar disorder because they’ll hinder my creativity!

Well I was finally diagnosed with ADD (the quiet form of ADHD) so that could possibly explain some of this.