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Fuck Joe Biden

By Sean P. McKelvey

I want to believe that Joe Biden will be measurably better than Donald Trump; I sincerely do. It’s just, history and his voting record have already told me it isn’t too likely. Sure, he could sound more professional in speeches, and would make less errors or gaffes in, said speeches (only less though, cause he seems to love shoving his foot in his mouth, fairly often, as well,). It would pretty much stop at speech though.

The best example of this is his utter refusal to defund the police. I understand why he won’t, and no, it ain’t got a damn thing to do with public safety or crime. It has everything to do with him being the co-author of the 1986 crime bill, which further militarized police departments, and ramped up  the racist and classist “War on Drugs,” to a fever pitch.

This bill was nothing more than a bridge to build a new industrial complex in America for corporations and the rich to benefit off of, as the Cold War, was, at this point; fairly clearly, coming to an end. Out with the Military Industrial Complex and in with the Prison Industrial Complex, instead. I say it was nothing more than that because all data and research of that era show massive declines, nationally, in violent crime; while politicians like Biden were more inclined to believe Reagan era propaganda, and make the safe political move, as opposed to the one that’s fact based and helps a larger demographic of the population.

Of course this is just one of many, corporatist, one could even argue, vaguely racist and classist political decisions Biden has made through the years; however, given the climate we are currently in, certainly the most striking and pertinent example. How exactly is the man that helped ensure it would be us (the poor and minorities,) versus them (the police,)? It’s funny, in this article I started out with the intention of, begrudgingly, endorsing Joe Biden; given Trump’s recent descent into literal and outright fascism with his militaristic responses, and now secret federal policing of the protests.

As it turns out, though; I am not okay with utter hypocrisy, which is exactly what I’d be endorsing, by endorsing Joe Biden for the presidency. Fascism is fascism, no matter how friendly the face delivering it may be. Jerry Garcia once said; “Choosing the lesser of two evils, is still choosing evil.”