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A Field Guide to the Inland Northwest Far Right

By Orion Moon

In the weeks ahead we’ll examine in depth the local elements and public figures of right-wing movements that have become prominent in the region and nationally. While many of these organizations and causes have roots as deep as the initial European colonization of the Americas, the past decade has been fertile ground for the explosive growth of ideologies built upon religious fanaticism, paranoia, authoritarianism, and white supremacy. The election of the nation’s first Black president and subsequent antidemocratic backlash provoked the public emergence of virulent strains of hatred masquerading as “liberty”. As with any serious disease of the body politic it is important to understand the causes and symptoms alike, and we hope this series helps illuminate for our readers the parasitic growth of these ideologies upon the margins of our communities.

Four essential threads run through contemporary American far right movements, and these are interwoven to the extent that it’s increasingly unlikely to see an individual group or protest in which one of these threads is absent. I’ll introduce each in the sequence they’ll appear over the course of this series:

Christian Nationalism, also referred to as Dominionism, is an increasingly ubiquitous feature of American far right movements, and is a common indicator of participation in movement causes without specific religious aspects. Dominionists operate on the notion that Christ has commanded them to seize the organs of government, law, education, popular culture, and more with the aim of imposing what they view as God’s law upon the United States and ultimately on the entirety of human civilization. This fringe approach to Christianity is generally inconsistent with that of mainstream believers, just as much as the extremist elements of other religious traditions are unrepresentative of those faiths. Dominionist thought and strategy is found among Evangelicals and Roman Catholics alike, and has spread insidiously among low-information believers who often have little understanding of the tenets of their own faith. The corrupt focus on domination, subjugation, confrontation, and even violence appeals to adherents and nonbelievers alike who are attracted to these approaches, and is the primary interconnection with our remaining threads.

Conspiracy Theorism, once called the paranoid style in American politics by Richard Hofstadter, is a burgeoning element of many far right groups. The phenomenal growth of the Trump-centric Qanon (“Q”) movement is effectively exponential, mirroring the development of any number of religions, past or present. The general public climate of the past decade has fostered the growth and popularity of conspiracy theories, loosely defined as (irrational) beliefs in hidden but powerful organizations and individuals which supposedly control and shape the course of human events outside of public view. Declining education, anti-intellectualism, white supremacist backlash to the Obama era, widespread use of social media platforms, the reality-warping presidency of Trump, and ever widening socioeconomic inequality are but a few factors that have helped propagate a new dark age of unreason. Within each of the movements we’ll consider here, at least one significant conspiratorial claim can be found.

In recent years, and especially recent weeks, Americans have witnessed their own government very publicly take on the very attributes and policies of the fascist regimes the nation once ostensibly opposed. While authoritarianism has been present in US society for centuries in quite real and pernicious forms, it is now embraced wholeheartedly by American far right leaders and movements (and the roughly one third of the population supporting them). Numerous quasi-military operations have sprung up in law enforcement and civilian spheres alike, and at the fringes a genuinely seditious movement which hopes to spark a new civil war. The worship of firearms in US society binds these disparate groups as well. Even among the rank-and-file of American police departments, it is all too common to witness open, abhorrent favoritism toward right wing protesters and paramilitaries during public demonstrations. Naturally, these public and institutional authoritarian leanings lead us to the final thread this series will explore.

The vastly overdue conflagration ignited by the brutal murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and so many other Black citizens has cast a harsh light on the white supremacy that is root and branch of the American right (and much of America itself). Far right movements in the US attempt to disavow their own evident racism on occasion, but of all the ties that bind them this is the oldest and the key. Fear and hatred of others galvanizes and unifies these movements, and behind those raw emotions is the terror that the dominance, power, and privilege conferred by white supremacy will be lost. We hope to in some small way add to the spotlight glare being thrown on racism in this country by examining regional expressions of these behaviors, ideologies, and movements.

Author’s Note:

Misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia are far from beyond the scope of a thorough examination of far right movement attitudes and ideology. The upcoming article focusing on religious aspects of these groups covers these poisonous hatreds in considerable detail. It is worth noting that much like systemic racism, these issues are so prevalent in broader society that they’re very much worth reflecting upon independently.

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The Privacy Invasion Collection

Highlights of Interview with Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

Here are the highlights from Orion Moon’s interview with Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin of The Deep End Northwest. Orion interviewed Myra about the different stages of her life, including when she left her husband, opened a so-called Anarchist bookstore, helped with an underground newspaper, and endured privacy invasion or a schizophrenic episode.

From left to right: Myra St. Clair Baldwin & Orion Moon
The early days of The Deep End Northwest (formerly The Deep End Spokane).

Religion & Politics

Moderates Will Kill Us All

by Sean P. McKelvey

I am so damn sick and tired of the supposed “opposition,” party in my country; telling me that centrism and moderacy will win, and root out the social and political evils, happening today. There is quite literally no logical, intellectual, or historical basis to support this, flawed, disingenuous and outdated philosophy. We all remember when those incredibly moderate, political activists, effected real change; in regards to race, class, gender, sexuality or belief system, right? Yeah, that was quite literally; never in our collective, or any other society’s, for that matter, entire god damned history.

Political radicals brought you Civil Rights, Gay Rights, an end to slavery, workers rights, women’s rights, religious freedom, representative democracy instead of monarchy, ended European fascism (the French Resistance, Spanish Revolution, an end to German and Italian fascism, the New Deal, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Federal Housing Programs and low interest loans, Roe v Wade, an end to Segregation here and Apartheid in South Africa, the abolition of slavery, the decriminalization/legalization of marijuana, equal employment opportunity, equal lending and housing legislation, child labor laws, gay marriage equality, trans rights, federally protected public lands, food and drug safety legislation, non-nuclear aggression pacts, and far too many incredibly beneficial to humanity at large, programs and laws to list.) Moderates, historically speaking; would’ve allowed the proliferation of fascism to continue at its most crucial historic moment; would have allowed segregation to continue on, would have crushed women’s, gay and minority rights, would have allowed fascism and imperialism to spread like incurable cancers, would have, quite literally handed the entire fucking world over to Adolph Hitler, would have (if given the opportunity,) ensured that minorities, women, gays, and anyone belonging to a “problematic,” group, were categorically; not only denied their god given rights; but also used as an example to any and everyone else that recognized these “attitudes and beliefs,” as problematic, exclusive, hypocritical, disingenuous lies, the ruling class repeat over and over to convince us we are wrong.

I say, absofuckinglutely not! It is high time, we the damn people, stand up and flat out fucking refuse to let “them,” tell us a damn thing. As evidenced by over two decades of failed, do nothing, bullshit “policy,” that merely toes the corporatist line that couldn’t be more overtly against the average working American, their system does not, will not, and is designed not only not to work for you or me; it exists to work against us.

In conclusion; if you are still even capable of riding the fence or going with a “safe and moderate,” choice: you are not part of the cure, but part of the rotten, cancerous, ugly, appalling, offensive and completely morally bankrupt, disease…

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Interview with Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin of "The Deep End Spokane"

Interview with Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

Here’s the full length version of the interview.

Orion Moon of The Deep End Spokane interviewed Myra Sue of The Deep End Northwest (formerly The Deep End Spokane) about the different stages of her life.

Featuring Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin and Orion Moon
Video filmed by Karl Patterson of Patterson Productions
This documentary has not yet been edited.

Not Rated

The Privacy Invasion Collection

Sometimes Privacy Invasion is Real!

By Myra Sue St. Clair Baldwin

The sign says “Send police! Stop stunt!” It is a Myra Sue original from when I lived at the Couer d’Alene Plaza apartment complex in Spokane, Washington. Here I am pictured outside the local shop Boo Radley’s, located next to the apartment complex. The inside of my apartment was plastered with signs, in a hope that someone who was invited to participate in an alleged spy operation , would see the signs on a remote screen and call the police to end  what I called the “Privacy Invasion Stunt.” I just recently added the anarchy symbols to the sign prior to my recent photo shoot. Most of the art work and signs from my apartment did not survive. They were left behind or later damaged by moisture in my parent’s storage. Apparently none of my alleged spies were brave enough or willing to rat out the rest of my alleged spies. One of my neighbors was very happy to see me get evicted.

Sometimes privacy invasion is a figment of our imagination, and sometimes it’s real. Although I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia, I still to this day believe it’s possible that I was really spied on, and I felt that I was at high risk for a real spy operation.

Here I am outside my old apartment complex, the Couer d’Alene Plaza apartments.
I was evicted in January, 2016 due to having a hoarding disorder and my apartment being overgrown with books, huge art projects made from “junk”, left-over packaging, and random paperwork I’d saved over the years.